About Pristine-Screen

Welcome to Pristine-Screen, the home of advanced cleaning solutions for all your screens, displays and digital signage. Our screen-cleaning experts know the secret to a shiny, streak-free finish that will make your displays look like new!

Pristine-Screen – the clean screen experts

Whatever size, shape or model of screen, we can achieve a show-room worthy mirrored finish. Dust, dirt, grease and fingertips can spoil your screen’s shine but they’re no match for our specialist cleaning products and expertise. If you’ve invested in the latest digital displays, you’ll want to treat it to a Pristine-Screen clean.

The Pristine-Screen difference

We offer an advanced cleaning system for all your screens, monitors and digital display solutions. Most people forget to clean their screens, allowing dust and dirt and pollution to dull their display. With our full screen care and preventative maintenance packages, you can easily take care of screens in your home or business.

Why should I keep my screens clean?

Screens look their best when they're clean! They rely on light, so a layer of grime and dirt leads to cloudy colours and dull displays. Mall totems and exterior displays are particularly vulnerable to traffic pollution and dirty rainwater. LFDs (Large format displays) and video walls need a regular polish too, and any screens where there is heavy foot traffic kicking up dust on a daily basis.

On a domestic level, fingerprints can leave our phones and tablets looking very dull and can even interfere with their functionality (we all know the frustration of tapping harder and harder at a screen that is not responding!)

Perhaps most importantly, touch screens can be a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if they’re in the public domain. Studies have shown that the everyday dirt on touch screens contains influenza strains, skin cells, fecal matter, and even dangerous bugs such as MRSA and E.coli. Dirty screens are not only frustrating to use; they could be affecting your health.

What cleaning products do you use?

Pristine-Screen uses an advanced system of non-toxic, alcohol-free and static resistant cleaning products. Unlike most domestic sprays and wipes, they are specially designed for modern digital screens and are family friendly and environmentally responsible.

Why Choose Pristine Screen?

Pristine-Screen offers a range of service options, from an occasional deep clean of all your equipment to monthly maintenance. We provide all the equipment and staff required so you can sit back and marvel at the difference when we’ve finished! Large organisations with multiple work stations and video conferencing facilities will benefit from outsourcing this job to a professional rather than leaving it to a general cleaning contractor.

Who can use our services?

Our advanced cleaning systems are used by retail businesses, schools, hospitals, universities and doctor’s surgeries to name a few. Our services are popular with any organisation with multiple digital screen assets, or any institutions that are concerned with health and hygiene. Pristine-Screen also helps households to keep their TVs, smartphones, tablets and interactive children’s toys free from fingerprints and grime. As well as offering our full professional cleaning service we can also provide you with a bespoke cleaning kit so you can keep your screens sparkling in between our visits.

Book a Pristine-Screen visit

Pristine-Screen has screen cleaning experts all over the UK ready to help you. Most customers benefit from a monthly cleaning schedule, and we’ll also provide you with a micro-fibre cloth to maintain cleanliness between visits. Get in touch with us to arrange an assessment visit and we’ll be happy to give you a demonstration and advise on the best cleaning package for you.

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